IMSA/NW Section

Alaska Idaho Oregon Montana Washington


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Best Practices for Risk Managing Streets and Roads
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Executive Committee

President: Mark Rodgers
1st Vice-President: Kasondria Sharer
2nd Vice-President: Paul Cho
Sec/Treasurer: Kia Antrim
National Delegate: Richard Jensen
Alternate Delegate: Jody Carriere

Division Representatives

Alaska: Alan McQueen
*Idaho: Kasondria Sharer 1st VP
Oregon: Dorian Libal
Montana: Richard Jensen
Washington: Albert Becerra

* Idaho division representative position is currently vacant and until filled, Kasondria Sharer will be holding the position. If you or sombody you know is interested in this position please contact Kasondria.

Job Openings

To place a job opening on this website please contact


Questions about Continuing Education Credits (CE) and/or certification please refer them to Mark Rodgers, who is the Certification Chair

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): [coming soon]


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