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Alaska Earthquake 2018!


We asked Daryl Barney of the Anchorage Signals department how things faired up North and here was their response..


          “We faired pretty good all things considered. Lost a few 5 section dog houses on plum mounts. A lot of the damage was signals slipping downward on banding type mounts. Some slipped far enough to partially cut into the 7-C cable and fault the signal. Others sheered the 7-C cable completely. We are still plumbing and aligning intersections at this time. If the quake would of lasted longer at that magnitude we wouldn’t of fared as well. There is a water main break south of the public works main building on Elmore. There was a sewer pipe that broke in public works also. Schools have been closed until Monday the 10th.


I figure we have 75 signals that have plumb and alignment issues. Had a dozen in flash and many more dark due to loss of power. No signal poles were damaged from the quake.


We have been “””SHOOK””” but are still standing in Alaska!!


Best Regards.


Daryl J Barney

Municipality of Anchorage

Signal Maintenance Foreman”



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