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April 2018 TARPReport


DOCUMENTATION: Please do not wait until the last minuite to send in your tarp points. It is easier to send them in when you receive the training, rather than at the end of your 3 year period and trying to remember what training you attended. The best way to track your own training is by using the Personal Diary Log to record the dates of your training.



Ideas for Tarp Points:

1) With the Summer just beginning, you can earn Tarp Points by training your summer hire employees. You just need to document.

2) Invite the IMSA Northwest Section to come to your shop for a monthly meeting. We can customize the training to what your shop needs.

3) Find some webinars pertinent to your certifications to watch.

4) Invite some Vendors to show you their latest products.

5) Send in documentation for your Electrical CEU classes.

6) Attend the Annual Conferences


  IMSA-NW Conference in Bellingham, WA

  IMSA-International Conference in Orlando, FL

  Annual Road & Street Supervisors Conference



At the 2018 Northwest Section IMSA Conference in Bellingham,WA. We will have plenty of opportunity to earn Tarp points. They will have 20-25 technical sessions throughout the 3 day period. If you are in need of Tarp points this will be the place to get them. We are working on the topics for the Technical presentations; if you have some ideas just give Albert Becerra a call @ 206-391-3606. Remember, Technical Session Presenters earn double tarp points, so maybe you would like to give a Presentation to your peers at the conference.




Kim Roberts

Tarp Committee Chairman

(206) 396-3717


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