Northwest Section

Delegate Report

March 28th 2018



NW IMSA Members,


Sorry to write this at a late date. I attended the National conference in Scottsdale Az. The strategic goal plan has been cut down to 5 items, with the old list of 13 items was too many to tackle. The Board wishes to focus on a few items to completion and then bring items from the old list forward.


The new web site has been updated to allow to check your certifications and where you are for tarp points, a real plus. More changes and additions to the web will be coming soon.


It was good to hear from the Board of Directors that there is a plan with dates attached to update the many courses we offer. This process has been long overdue.


The Board of Directors are actively searching for a new permanent home for the IMSA headquarters with several promising properties near our current offices in Florida.


The IMSA has recently become a 501c3 corporation in Florida. They believe it make doing business easier for the organization.


I would like to share the interests of the membership with the International, please email your concerns, comments, issues or questions to me at


Thank you,


Rick Jensen

NW section Delegate


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