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IMSA-NW Section Officer Elections

 and Nominations


Hello Everyone,


We will be holding IMSA-NW Section elections at the 2018 Bellingham Conference in June.  We are hoping to get some interested people to run for office.  The only requirement is to be an IMSA Northwest Section member.  There are several openings coming up…

1)    Secretary/Treasurer

2)    2nd Vice President

3)    1st Vice President


The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for taking the minutes at all the monthly meetings and is our NW Sections primary contact person with the International office.  He and/or she shall conduct the correspondence, receive all funds, pay all bills approved by the Executive Committee, keep all records of the business and finances, submit a report at each regular meeting, and file annual reports to the IRS.  The Secretary/Treasurer can be any class of membership.


The 2nd Vice President is Chairman of the Membership Committee.  Making contact with prospective new members and providing membership applications at regular monthly meetings.  This committee is responsible for encouraging membership recruitment and retention.


The 1st Vice President is Chairman of the Program Committee.  They are responsible for establishing a meeting schedule for the upcoming year.  The schedule shall consist of a minimum of four (4) meetings between September and the following May.  The program chairman shall work with the host Agency of each meeting to assist in the program preparation.  


If you were thinking of getting involved, please consider volunteering to serve in the organization.  We need your help!


Please contact any past or present IMSA Officer if you’re interested.


Thank you,

Kim Roberts

(206) 396-3717


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