Delegate Report

December 19th 2018

IMSANW members,

Sorry to write this at a late date. I attended the National conference in Florida. As you may or may not know there has been some turmoil in the organization with the change of our IRS status to a 501C3 corporation. This means we are a tax exempt nonprofit corporation. The turmoil appears to have been straightened out with the restoration of the current board of directors.

We also have formed a second corporation, IMSA Public Safety that is a 501C4 corporation that is to be dedicated to certification. This is not to be confused with the Education Foundation who dictates our courses and programs.

Clear as mud right? After attending several meetings while in Florida it is not clear to me either. I am not sure what the purpose of these changes are. They gave many reasons, many do not hold water under examination.

When Fred Houseman was our delegate Fred pressed for financial disclosure with little success. I pressed this issue at the general meeting under old business. I was given a statement later that day that was a snapshot in time of our finances with little real information. I intend to pursue this. On the surface it looks like we are making a lot of money, they say that is not true and I don't have the rest of the story, which I am still waiting for.

The organization has had fallout with Doug Aiken our executive director and we have parted company. A search is on for his replacement.

I would like to share the interests of the membership with the international, please email your concerns, comments, issues or questions to me at

Thank you,

Rick Jensen

NW section Delegate